Website Design


Specializing in small business, non-profit, club and event websites and social media management.

Website Design Consulting

Consulting services for website and mobile layout and design.  Provide detailed review of current website and social media presence and make recommendations on options for branding, design, content, search engine optimization, cost savings and improvements.  Design to keep it simple and ensure mobile compatibility.

Website Development

Website development services including setup and transfer of domains, site pages creation, content layout, search engine optimization, and social media integration. 

Website Management

Ongoing website management services including management of content, blogs/newsfeeds, events and social media integration. 

Social Media Marketing

Consulting and creation services for social media presence such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and fund raising sites like Indiegogo and Go Fund Me.  Help define how to manage and take advantage of events, groups, page postings, analytics, and post boosts. 

Content Management

Provide consulting and support for content needs.  Will do onsite photo shoots, event photos, live posting and creation of content required for website and social media. 

Site Branding

Fonts and Color Scheme

Help determine color scheme and fonts used on the site.  Keep it simple and sized right for laptop and mobile. Define page color scheme and use consistently throughout the site.

Photos and Graphics

Photography and photo editing services for your site or event. Ensure photos and graphics resolution is clear and are sized correctly for laptop and mobile.

Logos and Icons

Design services for company logos and icons.  Provide a variety of sizes and resolutions that will work with websites, Facebook, Instagram and print versions.